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Quirky to Modern Art Quilts- Hippie at Heart

Quirky to Modern Art Quilts- Hippie at Heart shows that there is a little free spirited Hippie in all of us and that what was old is new again. Quilters from the 1800s through today have aimed at changing the world by leaving a legacy of creative kindness, love, and story that only quilts can provide. As artists we desire to express beauty, love, thoughts, religious and political beliefs, pain and victories through our quilting- to paint our story, capture our memories and dreams with needle and thread. We yearn to be liberated from the oppression of conforming to traditional constrictive patterns that squelch our individuality. And we rebel against being restricted by parameters and judged by the quilt police. We want to stretch the boundaries- be liberated rebel quilters. We've got to be free. 96 pages.