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1905 Cookbook- Food for Body and Soul


More than simply a cookbook, 1905 Cookbook- Food for Body and Soul combines unpretentious, delectable recipes with a glimpse into the lives of those courageous pioneer women who left family, friends, and the comforts of first homes to homestead a hostile and barren landscape before Oklahoma became a state. 

Illustrated with vintage photos and 1905 advertising of local merchants offering everything from cook stoves to buggies, harnesses to artificial eyes, this captivating collection contains more than three hundred recipes. 

These recipes with cameos of the individual contributors will renew your hope and inspire your faith as they transport you back into the hearts and lives of everyday pioneer heroines through our universal passions for food, family, and community fellowship. Each brave contributor overcame insurmountable obstacles in this scary new land. Each leaves behind a legacy of love, faith, and darned good cooking to future generations of today's hungry "pioneers." 105 pages.