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VIETNAM 101: A Class Like No Other


College of the Ozarks' unique Patriotic Education Travel Program sends Veterans and students back to the battlefields where the Veterans fought, which becomes a classroom like no other.

In Vietnam 101: A Class Like No Other, College of the Ozarks Chancellor, Jerry C. Davis, weaves a rich tapestry of the stories of 12 Vietnam Veterans and the impact of their journey on College of the Ozarks students.

The harrowing and life-changing struggle that is war left an indelible mark on the Veterans – and now, through the Patriotic Education Travel Program, college students receive an unforgettable education that forever changes their perspective on the meaning of war, sacrifice, and freedom.

All book proceeds go to support The Patriotic Education Travel Program.

Are you a Vietnam Veteran? Save 50% off this book by using discount code IAMAVET during checkout.

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