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Patriots Coffee Cake


Patriots Coffee Cake is a buttermilk coffee cake swirled with our Red, White and Blueberry Fruit Spread (a combination of strawberry and blueberry) and topped with a pecan nut crumble. Enjoy the mixture of our rich buttermilk coffee cake flavor, and the sweet, fresh fruit spread as a morning treat or mealtime dessert.

Each 12-ounce Patriots Coffee Cake is carefully placed in a beautiful College of the Ozarks cake tin. Handcrafted by our hardworking students, this spin on the classic coffee cake requires the same dedication as our age-old tradition of fruitcake making. This cake slices best when frozen.

If you’re looking for an update on the taste of grandma's coffee cake, warm up a slice of our Patriots Coffee Cake and enjoy the great taste with your favorite hot beverage.

  Store Frozen/Refrigerated

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