Lavender Pyrotechnics Quilt

$199.00 USD

Newly quilted 1930s blocks Pyrotechnics pattern in lavender and green by Meredith Margaret Golden Wilcox. She graduated from Harding & Classen High School in Oklahoma City, went to Ward-Belmont Finishing School in Nashville, participated in OU Theatre & Drama and Chi Omega, was President of Little Theatre & on Board at OKC Playhouse, and acted in Plymouth Summer Stock in Boston. Meredith loved antiques, painting, interior decorating. She was a speech therapist, docent at National Cowboy Hall of fame, taught charm school, and was on the All Souls Episcopal Church Altar Guild. Meredith’s story and photo included. Heart, outline and straight line quilting @ 6-7 stitches per inch. Mint new condition with  poly batting! 79" X 98"

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