Depression Era Sunbonnet Sue

$299.00 USD

Sunbonnet Sue quilt with pink borders from homesteaded farm in Native American Territory near Marlow, OK. Created by Daisy Robertson’s grandmother Eunice Cox Lee, her sister Nettie Lee Clark and daughter Mate Kelley Singleton Lee. Family history and history included. Adorable and hard to find. Crosshatch hand quilting @ 7-8 stiches per inch. Mint Unused Condition. Tiny stain 72” x 87” - Additional pictures attached. In order they are U.F. Lee Family (circa 1895), U.F. Lee Family (circa 1928), Texanna (Raney) Lee, Nettie Lee, Bertha Lee, Eunice (Cox) Lee and Bill Lee, Glenn and Mate Kelly (Singleton)

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