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Bearing Up Wall Hanging


Bears have always been in our family, through good times and sad times, while we were kids and when we became "older" kids. Bears have often been the first gifts thought of (and acquired) for all occasions, for life celebrations as well as times when words just can t say enough . Military service also runs through our family. My parents served as Army officers during WWII. My brother, brother-in-law, sister, and nephew-in-law served in the Navy, as did I. . . through the Cold War, Vietnam, Desert Storm and beyond, on active duty and in the reserves. Through all the challenges of our careers and in our personal lives, bears have been there for us, along with our families whos support and love are priceless.

One Mothers Day several years ago, I gave Mom a little book called "Teddy Bear Philosophy" by Susan E. Schwartz. I didn't read it completely until I got it back after she died in 2006 (cuddling a white teddy bear we'd selected for her while she was in the hospital following a stroke). What a gem of a book! 

One thought in particular stuck with me - that anecdotal evidence shows that bears have extraordinary healing power, which explains why teddy bears are among the first supplies requested after major disasters. "Bearing up" significantly reduces the likelihood of breaking down! And, he who says he has no need of a bear is the person who needs one most. 

So, this little quilt honors our family members who have served and are serving our country in the military and underscores the importance of teddy bears in our lives. As Mom used to say, there's always room for another little bear!

- Kay Riordan (LCDR, USN-Ret.) Apple Valley, CA (23"x23")