Checkerboard Cross Quilt

$129.00 USD

Depression era String Square in flannel from June and Vaughan V. Story's Bethany, OK estate. Vaughan was born in 1919 in Valliant, OK and died in 2007 in OKC. Quilt probably made by Vaughan's mother, Lillie Justus (Mrs. Arthur Lee Story) in Valliant, OK. Vaughan was in Army and Navy in WWII and South Pacific, graduated from OU and one of first CPAs in OKC and also treasurer of Cherokee Church of Christ Church. Obituary included. Soft and cuddly front and back which is brown striped. Love the wide navy and burgundy striped border and 4 cornerstones in peach with burgundy binding. Quirky and Fun! Hand pieced and hand diagonal line quilting @ 7 st/in Excellent condition 71" x 80"