Blue Coxcomb Appliqued Quilt

$1,895.00 USD

Museum Quality Coxcomb Appliqued Quilt from Judy and Jack Hodges Nichols Hills estate. Photo and Obituary included of this billionaire trucking businessman/philantropist. Jack, 85, died unexpectedly after working with his three grandsons at the trucking company they founded six years ago. He was born on July 19, 1932 and at age 10 Jack had his first job selling peanuts at the Oklahoma City Zoo. By the time he was 14, he was working at Eckroat Feed & Seed raising chickens. Hodges Trucking Company was founded in 1932 and was sold to Jack in 1964. This museum quality exquisite quilt has quite a famous provenance of this illustrious OK leader. Straight line and outline and rose hand quilting @ 9-10 stiches per inch. Mint Unused condition! King sized 99” X 106”